Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fall 2010

So I was actually really eager to start this blog and help ppl with their fashion problems and inspire those who are already fashionistas but i know i've been slacking haha. blame the tests and papers and presentations and projects. but don't worry i've kept some stuff in the back of my mind and even though fall is coming to end end..the weather begs to differ. so hopefully you'll have a few more days to wear these looks :)

Look 1

All from J.Crew (one of my fav go-to brands)

For those who can't wear heels all day, these pair of flats still go great with the first look.

Look 2

                                                  Yea, I was just in a J.Crew mood today.

Add a daring heel to make it stand out from the black.


Don't listen to those people that say you can't dress in one color. All black is okay when you know how to accentuate your outfit with accessories. Mix up the textures. Maybe have a cable knit sweater paired with leather leggings. Have a pocket or zipper here or there. Just make it fierce!


Just a random day I was bored enough and had time to take pics. my fav fall pieces? = a scarf and blazer.

make it fierce!
your very own style girlie, rae

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Client: Maya
Event: Salsarengue
Budget: $

Dress: these dresses are red hot with latin flavor that are not tacky. Most importantly they will look good on the dance floor while you're swinging those hips

Ruffle at the top adds some spanish flair

Will make your body look amazing as you spin and turn


Hair: flowing tresses with a flower

Shoes: a comfortable pair you can dance in; please do not wear flats or sandals, even a little heel is better than none.

If you want to add more spanish flavor try a black corset/bustier top with a long skirt

Friday, November 12, 2010


RAE NG- i'm originally from new york but now i'm far away from home at college and i need fashion to come back into my life. i came up with this idea after having girls constantly knock on my door to help them find an outfit. i'm sure everyone might want an opinion on an outfit they put together or just have trouble coming up with one. thus, the purpose of this site is to help you find the perfect ensemble. Whether it be a girl's night out, cocktail, salsarengue, concert, bollywood party, or even what to wear to school tomorrow, i'm here to help (hairs, makeup, nails included if you ask)! tell me what the event is, if you have a color in mind, price range, preferences, etc. and i'll make you look like you just left a photo shoot!

your very own style girlie, rae

(trinkids can message me and get a personal appointment for me to raid their rooms and find the perfect outfit :)

this is for all the real girls on the street and hey if boys ask why not. I will also occasionally post high fashion-type stuff to hopefully inspire those fashionistas and feel free to share your creativeness as well :)

unless i add a link most of these pics are mine so please reference my site if you decide to use any of my material and refer me to others if you like what i've done! thanks.

idea behind name: 
make [your outfit] fiece(r) with the help of.. 
raestyleng = rae('s) style -ing. pun on my name. laugh.
hope you enjoy
lets get started..