Friday, April 29, 2011

the royal wedding

once upon a time,
royals, celebrities, and fans from all over the world flocked to the UK to witness a prince and his college sweetheart wed in the most elegant ceremony this generation has ever seen. the matrimony was a harmony of tradition and modernity. there was the classic white wedding dress made by the British fashion house of Alexander McQueen worn into the historic halls of the Westminister Abbey, and the grand tiered cake of traditional english fruit cake. these elements fused with modern royal fashion and advanced technology made the occasion captivating on a global scale and as compatible as a girl and diamonds. rather than just the horse-drawn carriages, an aston martin and a rolls royce were added to the mix. tuxes, uniforms, and jewels; oh my! the biggest surprise? The abundance of unique philip treacy hats and plethora of hats in general. The heart of the event though, was when the bride and groom pronounced their affection for each other. The everlasting message this marriage will express is one of pure love. Exhibited throughout the procession, Prince William's subtle glances and his words "you look beautiful" were the public's inside into their tender relationship. In my opinion, every man should learn his language of affection and pick up his accent..
on a more serious note, my sincerest congratulations to Will and Kate,
may their fairytale live on happily ever after.

sweet moments captured on film:

...just wondering, is prince harry seeing anyone..? :P

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