Monday, March 21, 2011


things that have been happening recently have just gotten my attention on survival of earth and the human race. my genius math friend showed me the equation 9.11.01+3.10.11=12.21.12, which I thought was ridiculously freaky. This week's hw from my econ class was to watch the video below. it basically said that we are at the peak of our resources and it only goes downhill from here. i am not trying to scare everyone that the world is coming to an end, i merely want to inspire people to work towards preventing this issue. I believe Earth's downward spiral is the clearest priority of today because without this comfortable living space, our lifestyles would be terrible. I would never choose smog and pollution over a nice picnic in the park. I doubt any person would. Global warming, diminishing resources, and economic depression are all interrelated and affect each other as well as the entire human population. I strongly encourage everyone to go green and take action in the fight against global decline.

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